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Liquid Chlorine- 2.5 GAL. REFILL

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Exchange your empty chlorine containers for full ones. 

Just leave your empty container in front of your house were we can have access to them or let us know where to pick up and leave your chlorine jugs in the 'Add a Note' section of your cart. 

  • Provides 10-13% available chlorine
  • Dissolves easily in water and begins working instantly
  • Non-scaling and no residue
  • Kills all living microorganisms, bacteria and contaminants
  • Clears cloudy pool water fast
  • Helps control algae
Liquid Chlorine- 2.5 GAL. REFILLLiquid Chlorine- 2.5 GAL. REFILLLiquid Chlorine- 2.5 GAL. REFILL