Enjoy the Benefits of a Salt Water Chlorine Generator

Every year more and more people are switching to salt as their primary method for keeping their pool water sanitized.

We believe it comes down to these three main reasons:

  • Eliminates the Need for Liquid Chlorine

    No more dealing with heavy chlorine jugs or shocking your pool with harsh chemicals.

  • Silky Smooth Salt Water

    Salt pools are easier on your skin, hair and eyes, providing for a more luxurious swimming experience.

  • Lower Pool Maintenance Cost

    Switching to salt can save you $600 a year on chlorine, shock and algaecides.

How it Works

If you're thinking about transforming the way you maintain your swimming pool, switching to a Salt Chlorine Generator can make your pool more enjoyable and easier to maintain.

By eliminating the need for liquid chlorine you are providing your pool with clear, naturally smooth water, while maintaining a lower chlorine level. This makes your pool water easier on you skin, eyes and bathing suit.

To learn more please give us a call and we can help you find the right Salt Chlorine Generator for your pool.

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