Top 5 Questions Swimming Pool Owners Should Ask When Hiring a Pool Service Company

In our 38 years of pool service in the Kendall area of Miami, Village Spa Pools has witnessed many pool owners become exceptionally great at performing weekly basic maintenance, keeping their water clear, clean, and safe. However, we have also seen a lot of novice pool owners take a leap of faith when attempting their luck at maintaining their own pool. Either way, witnessing these two scenarios we have learned 5 questions swimming pool owners should ask when hiring a pool service company.
1. How Often Should I Test My Pool Water? 
When it comes to pool maintenance, consistency is key!
It is important to check up on your pool water chemistry weekly. Many factors can affect your pool water's chlorine level, pH, Stabilizer, and Calcium. These readings will affect the quality, clarity, and safety of your pool water.
Neglecting basic care for your swimming pools water can lead to costly and preventable repairs. For additional swimming pool maintenance tips, especially on how to gauge the optimum water level, view one of our prior articles here.
Having your pool water tested and equipment monitored weekly can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run. Not to mention, helping the surface of your pool stay intact longer.
Keeping your swimming pool clean, healthy, and safe, is a responsibility the homeowner must own. By staying on top of the basic maintenance on a weekly basis, will keep your pool in optimum running order and running smoothly.
2. How long does it take to clean a swimming pool? What are the things I should do when cleaning my pool?
Cleaning your pool is time-consuming. There are no shortcuts worth taking.
Pools in Miami may take up to 10 or 40 minutes each week for a thorough clean. This includes vacuuming, brushing, netting, filter cleaning, and everything required to keep a pool in prime condition. For those pools that collect large twigs and branches, we have specialized equipment to efficiently and effectively remove that debris.
Monitoring the circulation of your pool by keeping baskets clear, filters clean, and water level right will ensure that your water is properly filtered and will help your pool equipment last longer.
3. Is it cheaper to maintain my pool or to hire a pool cleaning company? 
Having a professional and trusting swimming pool company service your pool weekly takes the guessing out figuring out which pool chemicals to add to your water, not to mention exactly how much chemicals are needed. Many times when you bring your water test to a national chain- pool store, they recommend products that you may not even need! 
Pool Chemicals are Expensive and Hazardous Materials  
With a pool service, all of your pool chemicals are included and you never have to worry about buying the right product or spending money unnecessarily. In other words, the life of your crystal blue pool is their responsibility. 
4. What happens if I do not repair my pool in a timely fashion? 
We can not speak for the rest of the Swimming Pool Companies in the Miami area but, Village Spa Pools provides quick and reliable service to all of our customers. In the event of a green pool to a burnt-out pool pump, you can be sure that a pool professional will be at your house to address the issue and have your pool running in a short period of time. With over 55+ years of combined experience in the pool industry, we’ve seen it all. So you don’t have to do the guesswork of solving the problem yourself. 
5. How can I avoid expensive pool repairs? 
If your pump is running dry or your water level is operating significantly, your pool professional is going to point that out to you and address the issue right away. We give you options on what you can do to fix the problems and if it’s something we can’t solve, we will point you in the right direction to get the job done right. Recently, a customer turned a valve the wrong way, cutting off circulation to the pump. When I opened the pump trap, steam came out because of how hot it had become. One more day unchecked, this client could have ended up needing a whole new pool pump.

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