The Magic of a Salt Water Chlorine Generator

Are you looking for a way to keep your swimming pool blue without the need for heavy, corrosive chlorine? A Salt Water Chlorine Generator provides clear water, has a lower annual cost, has no chlorine smell, and is gentle on the skin and eyes. This amazing technology gives your pool water a soft, silky feeling, creating a more enjoyable swimming experience.
Is it worth it?
When you factor in the cost of chlorine, shock, algaecides and the time it takes to transport all of these products, converting your pool to a salt system is well worth it. While the upfront cost of converting to a salt system may seem high ($1,000-$1,500 including labor), here in Miami, you can expect to save up to $600 a year on chlorine, shock and algaecides. Salt cells, when maintained correctly tend to last between four to six years and can be replaced for about $500-$800. In my opinion the convenience and peace of mind that comes when you don't need to put liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets in your pool every week makes it all worth it.
How does it work?
There are two components to salt chlorinators: the control box and electrolytic converter, also known as a cell. It is installed in your system's return line, after the filter. As pool water passes through the converter, an extremely safe electronic charge, generated by the control box, automatically converts the dissolved salt into chlorine. The water is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool through the return jets. Each filtration cycle the water gets recharged and the cycle is repeated. You never have to worry about uncomfortably high chlorine levels on your skin because the chlorine is entering the water slowly over a period of time.
What is the difference in maintaining a Salt Pool vs. Chlorine?
Possibly the greatest benefit of a saltwater system to homeowners is the ease of maintenance. This technology eliminates the need for the use of liquid chlorine. While this may be true, just like chlorine pools, salt water pools still need to be tested on a regular basis. The salt level must be maintained at 3200, PH at 7.6, and stabilizer at 50.
Another important maintenance tip is to inspect and clean any calcium buildup in the salt cell every few months. The process of doing this is as easy as, removing the cell, pouring a 4:1 solution of water and muriatic acid into the unit and letting it soak for 10-15 minutes . This will increase the life span of your salt cell. Unfortunately, the cells of these systems typically have a lifespan of 3-7 years, depending on the quality of the system.
The adoption of Salt Chlorine Generators is increasingly popular as pool owners are realizing the wonderful benefits of this new technology. I have one myself. Upgrading your pool to salt will decrease your monthly maintenance costs and increase the enjoyment of owning a pool.
Feel free to contact Village Spa & Pools with any questions you might have. We are always available and happy to help.

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