Swimming Pool Maintenance Tip: How to Properly Gauge and Maintain the Ideal Water Level

We all know the large amount of rainfall in South Florida from West Kendall to Pinecrest, but most of us pool owners notice this first hand when looking at our pools water levels every day.
Swimming pool owners know how the water level in your pool can change day to day. The right water level is essential for the proper operation of your pools filtration system. It is important to aim to keep your water level to be at the halfway point on the skimmer along the side of the pool. It's acceptable for the water to fall anywhere from the one-third to one-half way mark, but if the water level is below or above this range, you should add or remove water to return the water level to an optimal range.
Monitoring water level should be part of your weekly pool maintenance checklist.
Shall you have water levels fall below this range often, even though you have seen a significant amount of rain falling recently, there is a very good chance you have some sort of leak somewhere and you should get this checked out as soon as possible.
If you have these issues present, it may be a good idea to request a professional to come out and take a look. We are available 6 days per week and would appreciate your business.
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Adios for now, catch you later, poolside!
Optimum Swimming Pool Water Level For Pools With Skimmers
Problems that improper water level can cause
The pool skimmer is a main entry point for your pool's filtration system, and if the water level is too low or too high, the water cannot flow properly into the system's pipes and filter equipment. Under normal operation, the pool water enters the filtration system through the skimmer, where it is transported through pipes or hoses into the filter and then returns back into the pool via the return jets. The skimmer also is responsible for trapping large pieces of debris, which are strained out by the skimmer's basket. 
If the water level is too low, no water at all flows into the skimmer and on through the filter system. Not only will there be no filtration occurring, but the filter equipment and pump motor may be damaged if it runs with no water flowing through it. If the water level is too high, on the other hand, the water flow through the pump system will not be as efficient.
The ideal water level is at the exact halfway point on the skimmer door, and when the level gets below the one-third point, more water should be added. 
Adding and removing water           
After a heavy rain or before a nasty hurricane you may need to empty some water from the pool to prevent it from overflowing or going over the skimmer hole. Depending on your filtration system, this can be a different process. For those with a cartridge filter, you probably have a closed valve going away from the pool. Simply turn off the pump, open the valve and turn the pump back on. For those with a sand or DE filter, just turn the pump off, set the multiport valve to drain and turn the pump back on. If your have one, you will need to put your backwash hose in a safe place when doing this. Make sure the monitor your pool as you can empty up to an inch every three minutes. It is also a good idea not to remove water from the pool immediately after adding liquid chlorine. This is because chlorine is heavier than water and will be removed prematurely if it is not fully mixed in with the pool water .
If you find that your water level is getting too low due to evaporation, heavy usage or a pool leak, simply add water using a garden hose. Just keep an eye on it to make sure too much isn't added.
Remember to test your pool water after adding or removing water. And if you have any questions or need help with your pool don't hesitate to call us at (305) 386-4831 or send an email to villagespapools@gmail.com.

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