Skip the pool store. Get your pool supplies and chemicals delivered FREE!

Are you a pool owner that does your own weekly pool cleaning? Then you understand the struggle of going to the pool store every week and lugging heavy and corrosive chlorine jugs in and out of your car, risking damage to your clothes as well as your car.
What if I told you that these days are in the past?
As times change we are adjusting our business model to suit the needs of our customers, by providing convenient, reliable and high quality pool products and chlorine. Now, all you have to do is go to to place your order and get your pool supplies the very same or next day. Continue reading to learn why our pool product delivery service is right for you.
Chlorine is corrosive and can damage your car and clothing.
If you’ve ever dealt with liquid chlorine as part of your weekly pool maintenance routine, you probably know the feeling looking down and seeing a white blotch on your shirt, shorts or car interior. This can be devastating. Chlorine can be very corrosive, if you make too hard of a turn while transporting it, you risk cause irreversible damage to your car’s interior and even speed up the oxidation (rust) process.
Ordering is quick an easy.
Just get on your computer, phone or tablet, go to, place your order, and leave your empty chlorine containers outside where we can exchange them for full ones. To make ordering even faster, you can create an account to save your shipping information and keep track of your orders. And if you need help or have any questions, our phone lines are open 7 days a week for us to assist you. Through our delivery service we also offer the option of adding a FREE WATER TEST. Just leave us a sample of your pool water, along with your empty jugs, and we’ll test it and send you an email telling you exactly what you need to keep your pool water safe and sparkling.
Expert Advice and Customer Support
When you have your pool supplies delivered by Village Spa Pools, you become part of our family business. As our customer, primary goal is to provide you and your family professional and reliable service. We also value taking the time to get to know and provide the best information possible to our customers so they can make the best decisions in regards to their swimming pools.
Less expensive than the big box stores
Believe or not, getting your pool supplies delivered can save you both time AND money. Where only one gallon of liquid chlorine from Home Depot cost about $4.50, our 2.5 gallon reusable chlorine containers are more then half that price at $2.10/gallon ($5.25/2.5 gallon container). Not to mention all orders over $30 qualify for FREE DELIVERY. We also have great prices on a variety of pool supplies including chlorine tablets, cartridge filters, nets, etc…
For more information on how to place your order click here.
While this service will make your life much easier, proper pool maintenance can still be a hassle for some. In this case, there is no better peace of mind then know your pool is being taken care of with Professional Weekly Pool Service from Village Spa Pools. 

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