7 Life-Saving Swimming Pool Safety Tips to Remember

If you have kids and are living in the Sunshine State, Kendall, Miami or anywhere with swimming pools, the most important thing that should be on your mind is safety. Pay attention to these 7 Life-Saving Tips to Remember when around children at a poolside. Any of these can potentially save someone's life.
While most of us enjoy quality time in the pool with the kids and family, the sad news is that every year, nearly one thousand kids drown in residential swimming pools.
Drowning is the second leading cause of death among kids ages 5 through 24 and in sunbelt states like Florida, it is the number one cause of death among children five and under.
Here are some useful tips to keep your kids safe throughout the pool season as recommended by Baptist Health:
1) Be aware: Never leave children unattended in or around a pool. Always designate an adult to watch the children in the water.
2) Teach children age 4 and older how to swim. Parents may decide to start swimming lessons before age 4 if their children are developmentally ready, but swim programs should never be seen as “drown proofing” a child of any age. Some of our favorite local children swimming schools are: Little Swimmers and Ocaquatics.
3) Establish and enforce pool rules. Teach your children basic safety rules such as no one swims alone, stay away from drains, no running, and no diving (if appropriate).
4) Install a four-foot or taller fence around your pool and use self-closing and self-latching gates. The latches should be out of the reach of young children. If your house is the fourth side of a barrier, secure doors with alarms that prevent children from wandering into the pool area.
5) Take extra precautions with above ground or inflatable pools. Remove access ladders whenever the pool is not in use and make sure that it is securely in place when it is in use.
6) Be prepared for emergencies. Keep an inflatable, a first-aid kit and a cell phone near the pool in the event of an emergency. Know CPR.
7) Ensure that your swimming pool water is properly balanced and sanitized. A poorly maintained pool can give way for dangerous bacteria to grow. These bacterias can be harmful to the health of both you and your kids. Check out our blog post on proper pool maintenance or learn more about our weekly pool cleaning service.
At Village Spa & Pools we are committed to keeping our neighbors safe while enjoying the quality time at the pool. Situations at the pool can take a quick turn for the worst in a second and most of the time they can be avoided. Our intentions are to help you remember these 7 Life-Saving Swimming Pool Safety Tips next time you are at a family gathering.
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