5 Reasons to Use Your Pool Today

A swimming pool isn't just something pretty in your backyard to look at. There are a multitude a heath benefits that come with it!
From cardio to meditation, heath and wellness experts have brought to light many of the benefits from regular water exercise. These benefits include:
  1. Improved Respiration
  2. Great Exercise & Body Toning
  3. Better Balance & Flexibility
  4. Cooling Down
  5. Mood Elevation & Mental Health
Improved Respiration                                                  
One of the great skills professional swimmers
 learn is breath control. The ability to take a deep breath and hold it with each stoke. The more you swim the more you will realize how much more relaxed your breathing patterns become. You'll find that the key to strong breathing to focus on letting air into your stomach as opposed to your chest.
Great Exercise & Body Toning
Swimming if the perfect low-impact activity for those who want to lose weight and get in shape. In fact, swimming easily burns more calories that any other form of exercise, while targeting muscle groups all over the body. For those with tight and aching joints, the water provides a cushion that significantly reduces the risk of injury and may even relieve some of the pain.
Better Balance & Flexibility                                   
For those who are at risk for falling, you'll find swimming helps create a safe zone for balance training. The resistance from the water, as well as the floating environment it provides, helps to build core strength and stability that many lose with age. Many will find that swimming will do wonders for their spinal alignment. And moving around in the pool will help ligaments and bones to stretch-out and separate, in the near zero-gravity environment of the pool.
Cooling Down
As the summer approaches here in Miami, the blistering heat can really take a toll on our bodies. Jumping in the pool, whether it's with family, friends or just by yourself after a hard hour of yard work can transform your whole day. While many will say they don't want to get wet or think getting in the pool isn't worth it, believe me on one of these 95º plus days, it will be well worth it.
Mood Elevation & Mental Health
Getting exercise through swimming affects the serotonin levels in your blood. Serotonin produces a stress-reducing hormone called ANP, that controls the brain’s response to anxiety and stress. By engaging in regular swimming exercise or just floating around every once in a while, taking a dip in the pool can make you feel calmer, happier and stress free!

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